“When Science Meets Sacred Cows”

Sometimes the scientific evidence is clear….but no one wants to change what they are doing.

Change is hard if providers, media, or members of the public are in love with keeping things the way they are, or have a vested interest in the status quo, or perhaps just don’t like change…or the evidence.  (Maybe we’re all a little guilty of this.)cow nosw

Check out this free, full-text editorial available through PubMed: http://www.o-wm.com/content/when-science-meets-sacred-cows  (Source: 2010 OWM).

Critical Thinking: What sacred cows should be put out to pasture in your or others’ practice?  What about using the Trendeleberg position to treat hypotension, checking foley balloons before insertion, other?  List a few areas where your organization HAS changed practice based on evidence.  What were the barriers & facilitators?

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