Strong nursing leadership is essential to evidence-based practice

priority“The Institute of Medicine (IOM) set a goal that, by 2020, the majority of healthcare practices and decisions would be evidence-based.Yet…only three percent of the executive-level nurse leaders surveyed ranked EBNP as a top priority at their own organizations. What’s worse, more than half said EBNP is practiced at their organizations only “somewhat” or “not at all.”  Posted on July 19, 2016HTimothy  at American Sentinel.   

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Critical Thinking: Given all the demands of the healthcare questionenvironment, how can we make this goal happen.   

One thought on “Strong nursing leadership is essential to evidence-based practice”

  1. p.s. Alto I find some over-statements in this article, it does raise important questions.
    * Are we really dedicated to implementing IOM EBP goals and if not why not?
    * Are there sources of funding that we haven’t tapped to get this done?
    * Why not make sure that ALL the philanthropic grants in your organization have excellent outcome measures that get communicated back to staff?
    * Why not make policy/procedure review part of EBP work with clear references documented? & I’m sure you could name many more.


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